So you want a Stafford. . . .

A Stafford Perspective

New stafford owners should be made aware of a few things before they take the plunge.  Staffords are not average dogs, they are other than average.  If you think your Stafford is strong, it’s probably stronger than you think. It can probably run faster and jump higher than you think too.  They should not be underestimated.  They have a lot of energy.  They love people and can’t be cool about it.  They might dislike other animals and they can’t be cool about that either. They need human companionship.  They need to be with you.  They play rough.   They might play with their teeth.  They’re affectionate to a fault.  They can be relentless.   They’ll be the best dog you’ll ever have, but people need to understand them going in, and be ready for the ride.

– John Cocchiola